A successful project always originates from a great idea, but can only grow thanks to the quality of work and innovative capacity to sustain it.
This is the story of NASTA Company.

In 1978 NASTA inherited tobacco industry related product technology. Continual research, experimentation and innovation led to the successful development of state of the art technology placing NASTA amongst the top ranking manufacturers of endless tapes on the international market today.

Constant technological research, meticulous attention to quality and perpetual Italian creativity are the basis for success, and can be summarised in our 2 flagship products:

  • Garniture tapes for cigarette and filter production;
  • Suction tapes for conveying tobacco.

Maximum efficiency is guaranteed for machinery employing these reliable, high durability products.

Reliability and precision are fundamental characteristics demanded by the tobacco industry and can be constantly guaranteed by NASTA.

NASTA’s endless tapes have another quality: SPEED. NASTA not only assures a precise and reliable product, but also high performance for modern, high speed production machinery. Over the years such features have conquered the challenges from NASTA’s many competitors. NASTA continues to grow and improve in a never-ending race towards the best product.
Being precise

NASTA produces excellent Endless Tapes thanks to a technology that merges high-skilled craftsmanship with industrial automation.
Production machinery is designed and constructed within NASTA factory; experiments, improvements and developments are all carried out directly on the premises.
NASTA is familiar with every single cog and wheel; every single issue that may arise, is dealt with instantly.

Maximum regularity and precision is guaranteed for the final product, and this is transferred to the high performance production machinery that use NASTA products.

Reliability and durability mean higher efficiency, less wear and a competitive advantage for customers.

And that is not all.
Being handy

NASTA story begins with the one who learnt to create things manually, persevering to find innovative solutions and working with diligence and zeal. But that was not enough.

In order to offer the best to their customers, NASTA carries out many meticulous tests on Garniture tapes and Suction sample tapes to eliminate any possible minute imperfections to ensure maximum reliability.

Experience and practical knowledge of the craftsman that knows his own product, give additional value to the know-how of a product that already shows high quality and is performance guaranteed.
Inventing solutions

The industrial world evolves continually, and NASTA evolves in unison.
NASTA Staff associate mature experience in the field with Italian creativity to ensure their products are in line with the times. The products can be adapted to the requirements of the customer, while being in continual evolution but without losing their actual identity and high level of performance.

NASTA believes in their products because NASTA produces them.
NASTA carries out thorough inspections and quality controls on all their products.
NASTA only employs materials that have been approved by the Tobacco Industry, choosing the highest quality the market can offer whilst ensuring the product is not hazardous to health.
NASTA creates new solutions by researching and experimenting on their own production lines.

Our customers are the largest multinational corporations producing cigarettes, cigarette filters and ink reservoirs for marker pens in over 70 Countries, and this, for us, opens a precious window onto the world.
We have been working with them for over 40 years.
Wherever they go, we are there to support them and assist them with their projects.


The history of NASTA originates from the fusion of two ventures. In 1978 we inherited technology from a Swiss textile company that had been manufacturing endless tapes without joints. When this was complemented with our experience in project, design and realization of mechanical equipment, NASTA’s project started to materialize.
From this successful synergy we developed our own technology, allowing us to create machinery for a more automated and functional production of endless tapes, today making us a market leader.

Our products are appreciated and in demand because of their high performance, longevity and characteristics that fully correspond to the cigarette and filter making machines that use them.

Offering high quality, reliable and durable products, with long-term high performance, reflects into high efficiency performance of the machines that use them: this is the goal we assure to our Customers.
This is our best know-how.

The passion and creativity that guide us, continually push us to improve, experiment, develop and find new ideas and solutions to satisfy the needs of a market that is forever changing and evolving.
Thanks to this extensive research and experimentation, we have today perfected new yarns that make NASTA products even more versatile and proficient, to satisfy a perpetually faster production for machinery whose requirements are becoming continually more and more complex and articulated.